About 180Servers

180Servers brings the most advanced, self-managed, dedicated servers at the best possible prices. After all of the larger dedicated hosting companies began to merge and sellout, a dire need for a customer centered company spawned: 180Servers, a dedicated hosting company built from the ground up with quality and the customer in mind.

With no plans of selling or acquiring funding in the future, 180Servers is here to stay. We are a debt free company with a profitable business model, assuring our customers that we are not going anywhere.

We also are providers of dedicated services to big web hosts such as Sharkspace & Eleven2.

What Makes 180. (the top 5 reasons to choose 180Servers)

World-Class Support Rest assured, not only will you get the best in hardware, network and datacenter with 180Servers, but you will also always get the best in both hands-on support and technical support with 180Servers. As always, we are here 24x7 to assist you in anything you might need.

World-Class Network Having a server means nothing if the network it is attached to is not world-class. We invest a lot of money in our 100% Cisco network to ensure the best uptime, lowest latency and capacity to expand is always available. Rest assured you won't go down with 180Servers.

World-Class Datacenter A world-class networks mean nothing if the datacenter and power infrastructure is not "top notch." We pay more for our datacenter and power than the competition simply to ensure our power and security is the best, which it is.

We focus on who pays our bills! We realise that you, the customer, pay our bills. Knowing this is one of the most important things to ensure the highest level of customer service to our customers.

Financially Secure, Debt-Free Company Unlike a lot of other companies, we are a very fiscally responsible, debt-free company. We focus on our financials to ensure the upmost stability to our customer.