The Datacenters

180Servers uses two of the finest datacenters in the States; Colo4Dallas (Dallas, TX) and Netriplex (Asheville, NC). Both facilities have the finest physical security, redundant power, network connectivity, HVAC and fire suppression. 180Servers staff are located in both the Dallas and Asheville datacenters to ensure genuine support to your servers 24x7. Committed to being the best, 180Severs brings its customers the best technological solutions possible.

180Servers Datacenter

The Network

Our Dallas and Asheville locations were selected to ensure the best connectivity available. With 10 Gigabit Fiber connections in both facilities, we are able to bring our customers the best in network connectivity. To guarantee the maximum uptime, 180Servers has redundant Cisco routers on our public facing networks. We also have 100% gigabit backend networks to ensure all server to server communications are as fast as possible; a great feature when thinking about backups, cloud and clustering.

180Servers Map

Dallas, TX (dal1)

Asheville, NC (ash1)